Guide To Asking Hard Questions

I’ve made it my job to start necessary conversations, share valuable information with my community and get people uncomfortable enough to make monumental shifts in their lives.

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Asking Hard Questions When Pursuing Someone is Hard, Let's Navigate This Together

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1 — The 20 Points

We surveyed 1k men for advice when in relationship with a Queen. This ebook has the top 20 answers.

2 — Fighting Fair

Learn tactical, practical, and applicable dialogue's for "fighting fair" and winning together.

3 — Major Red Flags

5 highly effective self-reflection questions that help you identify red flags before they become issues.

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A Word From The Author

I created this guide because my philosophy is communication over everything. I don’t shy away from asking questions — even the hard ones — because the foundation of any relationship is honesty and transparency. 

You have to be real with yours.

Although I am not a relationship expert, I have learned and grown from the years of messing up, not communicating directly, and seeking wise counsel. This is why I wanted to write this for you all.

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My Goal with This Resource

I want to help single people maximize their season correctly and I believe this guide will do just that! It is my intention to reach over 50k people with this message and become an active part of educating and equipping the next generation of family units across the world.





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Amen Anthony! We can't compromise our standards. And yes, vision for money is everything.


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I’m 19 & what’s crazy to my fam is I say I’m gonna be the first millionaire in the family by budgeting.


Tribe Member

Thanks for continuing to pour greatness into the minds of millennials, Anthony!

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